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Koofy Coffee flavors

Koofy Robusta Edition - Kola

16 Coffee bags

Koofy Robusta Edition - Ginger

16 Coffee bags

Koofy Arabusta Edition - Classic Hybrid

16 Coffee bags

Koofy Black Edition Robusta

16 Coffee bags

Koofy Arabusta Black Edition

16 Coffee bags

Every day is SPECIAL with Koofy Coffee

Koofy coffee, the first coffee bag 100% Made in Ivory Coast.

A pure origin coffee, in a fully biodegradable coffee bag and requiring no machine.
Koofy announces a strategy of conquering long coffee lovers, thus widening the field of possibilities. Because if the existing range of Ivory blue capsules has won over many fans of more or less strong espresso, the fact remains that many true coffee lovers are waiting for a drink with exceptional organoleptic variations

Just add hot water and enjoy a cup of premium coffee...


  • from 1 to 4 packs : R 100
  • from 5 to 9 packs: R 200
  • 10 packs and more : FREE

* cell: + 27 662 512 548 email: info@koofycoffeesa.co.za * website: www.koofycoffeesa.co.za

- Koofy Coffee South Africa - 23 Zambezi Singel, Norkem Park, 1618, Johannesburg, South Africa

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